High resolution two camera system with 100 frames per second and USB3.0 technology.
All at a truly affordable price!!

Our new two camera SCOUT mini system is all you need for your professional portable videostudio.
Feel free to ask for your personal offer or any further information.

System Overview

Camera Features

Software Features

Set comprises:

  • 2 x SCOUT Camera with fixed focus lense

  • 2 x lightweight tripod

  • 2 x camera cable (5m)

  • SCOUT USB3.0 system adapter

  • external impact sensor (USB)

  • software: SCOUT ANALYZER - mini

  • optional: Laptop tripod

  • optional: battery powered

  • free player software for your students

Software Features

  • change of camera setting via software interface

  • swing compare

  • on-screen drawing tools

  • interface for additional training devices

  • launchmonitor data integrated

Camera Features

  • high-speed shutter for sharp pictures at impact position

  • USB3.0 super speed connection

  • camera is ready to record: no adjustments necessary

  • battery powered

PDF: Scout Analyzer Product Family - German version (~8MB)

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