SCOUT ANALYZER Dual Cam Plus Edition

System Overview

Camera Features

Software Features

Set Comprises

  • Apple system with wireless keyboard and multi-touchpad
  • highly luminous and large display

  • 2 x SCOUT Duo Camera
  • 2 x Camera tripods
  • 2 x Camera cable
  • SCOUT SyncElectronic
  • software: Dual-Cam Edition
  • software: Putting Edition
  • transportcase with integrated operating electronics
  • battery unit for cameras(optional)

Software Features

  • automatic impact detection
  • change of camera setting via software interface
  • post image enhancement
  • floor monitor feature
  • swing compare, on-screen drawing tools, zoom
  • interface for additional training devices
  • import/export function for recordings

Camera Features

  • special cameras - for ultra short exposure times even for poor light conditions
  • recordings with 100 frames per second
  • high-speed Shutter (1/25.000 Sec.)
  • synchronized data transfer via SCOUT Camera-Hub
  • battery operation optional
  • light sensitive lenses
PDF: Scout Analyzer Product Family - German version (~8MB)

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